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Its not just about stacking those dollar bills, at the end of the day if you’re trying to provide financial stability and well-being for you and your family, you’ll need to get serious and start thinking about investing…. how to use your money to leverage your time and build wealth while you sleep, go on vacation and enjoy your life.

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Where To Buy Gold

where to buy gold

In the face of today’s looming economic recession many people are looking for places where to buy gold and silver to protect their money and investments.

Unlike many investments that have lost their value in today’s market (stocks, bonds, real estate et. al.) gold, silver and other precious metals have become a very viable alternative that many are turning to not only for future gain but for protection of their assets from potential future economic crises.

Although gold has a current market value of around $1,600 to $1,700 per ounce, its price is bound to rise, as the United States (US) dollar stabilizes against other major world currencies. However, before you invest in gold bars or collect bullion coins, it is advisable that you learn more about this niche.

You must know where to buy gold which is not that easy, especially with the many retailers now working in this niche. If you do not know where to buy gold, this article highlights three sources in detail, to help you make an informed decision, when buying this precious commodity.

If you are serious about investing in precious metals you need to know where to buy gold, silver or any other precious metals. Three primary sources for anyone who is looking to invest in precious metals include retail or offline merchants, government mint and online gold sites. You can get quality products from any of these three main sources. Below we discuss these sources in more detail.

- Offline Merchants

First, when you are looking for authentic and quality gold, look for offline merchants who work in your area. These merchants have brick and motor stores where they buy and sell gold products in small or large-scale.

Even though you can see and touch what you are buying, stay alert when dealing with such merchants. The level of success that people who invest in gold have experienced over the years has attracted rogue retailers who are out to make quick money. Research, seek referrals, and utilize services of a reputable gold broker, to lower such threats.

- Government Mint

Secondly, if you do not have an idea where to buy gold, consider visiting a government mint. These professional and strictly regulated institutions offer genuine gold that you can buy at discounted prices.

Another benefit of buying from a government mint, especially if you like to collect gold coins is the variety available.

They store merchandise as high quality specimens and then distribute them to coin collectors, gold investors, and members of the public who are looking for valuable keepsakes. Visit a local government mint and look around. You never know what you will find.

- Online Gold Stores

Finally, if you are among many who want to avoid the hassle, increase your privacy and reduce security threats associated with buying gold in offline stores or a government mint, buying online is a better option.

In fact, it is the best avenue for those who are looking for where to buy gold on a budget. You will also enjoy the following major benefits, if your buy gold online:


Buying gold on the web is very convenient. You do not contend with queues, or have to worry about the person who is standing next to you. All you have to do is log into your personal computer, browse merchandise in available stores, and choose the product which will meet your needs. Some retailers will even ship to your doorstep, free.


Online stores do not contend with space limitations that plague their brick and motor counterparts. As such, when you decide to buy from an online store, you will choose from a selection of merchandise that you will never find anywhere else. Whether you are looking for where to buy gold or silver or you want to invest in bullion that consists of gold bars, gold coins, and even ingots, an online store can probably be the best resource.

Lower Costs

Are you wondering where to buy gold on a budget? If your answer is yes, then buying on the Internet is still the better option. Web-based stores do not need expensive inventories such as office space and other overhead.

Moreover, because these stores have near zero running costs, some of them offer prices that are 25% lower than the current market value. Always research first to make sure you choose a reputable online retailer or company that offers authentic and excellent quality gold products.

Tips for Buying Gold online

Even though the benefits of buying gold in online stores are many, do not deal with the first store that crosses your eye. Take your time. Do not fall victim to spam emails or bargain traps that fraudsters set for unsuspicious buyers, to swindle them off their hard-earned money.

Research from many online sources (regulatory body websites, blogs, and investor forums) and then compare what several stores offer, to increase your chances of getting deals. Make sure that your preferred store has the following essential attributes:


A precious metals company should have a professional demeanor. For instance, make sure that your preferred company is established in the gold trading industry with a well developed track record of offering quality products to its customers. Review its portfolio and unbiased customer reviews to ascertain these facts.

Shipment Options

Gold is a valuable product that does not come cheap. Before you buy from any online store, ask about the shipment options that it offers. A good company should deliver to your doorstep in a secure and less injurious way.

Investing in gold is probably one of the best financial decisions that you can make during this troubled economic time. It has a high value that will continue to rise as many countries work around this financial downtime. However, before you decide where to buy gold, evaluate the pros and cons of the foregoing three sources, and then choose the best one.

5 Ways To Reach Your Goals

best place to invest money1. Look At The Goals In Each Case - The best investment choice may be different for each person. It is important that the goals and objectives that the investor has are carefully considered before any investment capital is used. An ideal investment choice in one case may not work in another, because the investors may have different goals that each is trying to reach.

2. Consider Your Knowledge And Experience - If you are trying to determine which investments offer the best chance of success then you will need to consider your knowledge and experience. Investors who are very successful only put capital into investment choices that are well understood. Choose investments that you know something about or that are in an industry where you have some experience. If you do not know anything about the investments being considered then how can you make the best choice or compare different options?

3. Know All Of The Possible Investment Options - The most popular investment choice may be best for you or it could be an investment vehicle that is not well known but that fits right with your strategy and objectives. Make sure you are aware of all of your possible investment options, otherwise the best place for your investment capital may be an investment vehicle that you are not even aware of.

4. Do The Necessary Research And Comparisons - After you have determined all of the options that are open to you for investing it is time to do some research and start comparing different investment choices. This will identify the best investments for your situation, circumstances, and desired investment criteria. If you do not compare and thoroughly research each choice you can not determine which investment is the best possible fit in your specific case.

5. Determine The Ideal Investment Time Period - Where you should invest will depend on how long you plan on keeping the investment. Short term investing objectives may be much different than long term investing goals, and this will be reflected in the best possible investment choice.

5 Common Mistakes

5 Common Mistakes when investing money in gold

Capital Sins of Money Investing

1. Failing To Research An Investment Closely - Choosing your investment should always mean fully researching any potential investment as thoroughly as possible. One of the most common mistakes made when picking investments is to try and skimp on the research that is performed. Research does take some time and effort, but it is needed to ensure that the investment vehicle chosen is the right vehicle in your specific case.

2. Using The Wrong Investment Criteria - Each investor will have specific criteria that they use to evaluate investment possibilities. It is common for some investors to base their investing decisions on all of the wrong criteria rather than the factors that are actually important. The risks involved, the initial investment amount required, and the strategy that you use are all important. A catchy company name or a new company that has a very small chance of succeeding but that could offer a large return should not be the basis for investment decisions.

3. Not Doing A Risk Analysis - Before you decide, it is very important that a risk analysis is done on any potential investment. If you are not aware of the specific risks involved with an investment then it is not possible to make an informed choice or a decision based on the facts and accurate knowledge.

4. Not Seeking Professional Assistance If Needed - One of the biggest mistakes that any investor can make is not seeking professional assistance when this help is needed. Many investors do not need professional assistance to make investing decisions but in some cases this help may mean the difference between success and losing all of your investment capital. If it is not possible to make an informed investment decision then you should consult a professional financial adviser or investment expert.

5. Betting On The Next Sure Thing - In the financial world there are always rumors and speculation. Financial circles and investment discussions always include talk about the next sure thing or the newest guaranteed investment, but this is just talk and should never be used as a basis for making investment decisions.

The Right Choice is Different for Everyone

There is not a single investment that will fit the criteria and goals of every single investor out there. The right investment choices should always be decided after careful consideration and evaluation.

forget money build wealth invest in goldThis is not something that should be done lightly, and choosing an investment without doing the needed research and comparisons is a big mistake that could end up costing you money instead of offering a nice return.

The right investment will depend on the investor. Every case is different. Some investors are very conservative while others use a high risk strategy to maximize returns.

The type of investor that you are and the acceptable level of risk that you are willing to take are also factors that will help you determine the ideal investment possibilities in your specific case.

Many investors choose low risk choices for funds that should not be lost, such as retirement funds or money that will be needed in the future for another reason.

The best place to invest money is an investment vehicle that has a solid performance and a strong track record. This may mean different things to different people though, and personal preference will play some part in this decision as well.

You should always look at all of the facts and the investment criteria that has been put into place, and then make the choice based on facts instead of speculation or rumor.

Precious metals are a very popular investment choice right now for many reasons.

An economy that is trying to recover from a financial crisis has caused many investors to stop investing in stocks and to use this investment capital for precious metals instead.

A weak dollar means high prices for gold and silver and analysts expect the US dollar to stay weak for some time.

Choosing an investment is not difficult but it will take some time and effort. Look at what is important to you in an investment, and then choose the options that are compatible with your required criteria and acceptable risks.

Always follow the investment strategy and risk levels that have been put into place, because these help you minimize the investment risks you take.

The Top 5 Investment Opportunities

1. Precious Metals - One of the top choices right now is in precious metals. These metals include silver, gold, platinum, and palladium, and right now they are at top dollar and are seeing record price levels.

The precious metals market can be a very lucrative market for investing in many cases, and it is a popular place for investment capital.

Precious metals are expected to continue to increase in value and they can make an excellent long term investment choice.

1000 dollar savings bonds2. Bonds - Bonds are always popular because of the relative stability and security offered when compared to stocks.

Corporate bonds can be fairly safe or extremely risky, depending on the underlying bonds, so research is needed to identify the best bond choices for each investor.

Municipal bonds and US Treasury bonds are considered safe investments, but it is possible for a municipality that issues the bond to default or declare bankruptcy for debt reorganization purposes.

3. Blue Chip Stocks - Some investors may want to consider blue chip stocks. Blue chips are companies that are household names and that have always been in demand.

Sometimes it is very difficult to obtain these stocks at a reasonable price though, and in some cases certain blue chip stock shares rarely hit the market because no one is willing to sell the stock.

4. Treasury Securities - Treasury securities have always been considered a safe haven for many investors. One drawback with these securities right now is the current low interest rate, and this means that Treasury securities like savings bonds and Treasury notes may not offer a high return.

These securities also have very low risks associated with them though because they are backed by the United States Treasury.

5. Mutual Funds - Some investors consider mutual funds to be a good option. Mutual fund investments may have certain advantages.

A single investment amount can allow you to buy into a fund portfolio that may have many different holdings.

Buying into each portfolio investment on an individual basis would require a much larger amount of capital and many different transactions.

Factors in Deciding Where You Should Invest

The right choices on where to invest will depend on the individual investor and the specific factors and circumstances involved. Every investor is different and will have certain criteria, goals, and preferences.

The right investment choice for your neighbor or family member may be the worst possible investment vehicle in your case.

There are many factors that need to be evaluated when choosing the best possible investment for your needs and ideal goals, and each one may be different in every case.


The length of time that the investment will be held for is a critical factor.

Some investment vehicles provide exceptional long term results but they may not be a good choice for investors who are looking for shorter term choices instead.

The same is also true in reverse. The length of time that you plan on holding the investment for needs to be determined so that you can find the best possible investment vehicle for this specific duration.

Another important consideration is the budget that you have to work with. There are investment options that can fit any budget, from the smallest to the largest.

Look at how much initial investment capital you have to start with and then examine the investment choices possible with this amount of capital.

If you are starting off with $1,000 then an ounce of gold is not a viable investment option, but several ounces of silver would be.

Diversity is a very important factor with any investment portfolio.

Your investment portfolio holdings should be as diverse as possible given the budget that you have to work with.

If you own investments in gold and silver already but you do not have any other types of holdings then you may choose to invest in other sectors to diversify your portfolio more.

Diversification helps to lower the investment risks you face, and will result in better returns in most cases.

The best choice could be any investment opportunity, as long as the risks, strategy, and other investment criteria that you have put in place are carefully considered and followed.

Each investor may have a different idea of what constitutes the best possible investment options.

Gold and Silver are Top Investment Choices

Are precious metals the best place to invest money right now? For many investors and financial experts the answer is a quick yes.

Precious metal prices are at the highest they have been in the last 30 years, and for some precious metals new record high prices have been recorded in the last few years.

Precious metals include gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and other metals that are not as common and are found in nature in limited amounts.

gold and silver bars and coinsGold has a current market value per ounce that is around $1,550-$1,600, and the possibility that the value of this highly desired metal will continue to go up is high.

Silver is also at high prices on the market, and this metal may be a much more affordable option with a market price per ounce right now that is roughly $34.

Platinum and palladium are both investment options, but these metals are priced similar to gold and may be out of reach for investors who have smaller budgets to work with.

Probably one of the best places to invest money in the current economic situation is in the precious metals market.

You can buy gold and silver and other precious metals in a number of ways. You can choose to purchase bullion in the form of coins, ingots, and bars, and this is usually preferred as one of the best ways to invest by most investors because the bullion is kept by the owner and will never completely lose all of the investment value.

Finding the best place to invest money is not always that easy but there are many resources available to help you in making an educated decision.

Companies are available online now with representatives that are very knowledgeable in every aspect of the precious metals market and can advise you on the best place to invest money.

There are many ways to invest online where you can find gold bullion for sale and from these companies you will probably be able to find out where to buy gold coins or silver coins as well.

All of the precious metals are in high demand right now because of the poor US economic conditions and the weakness of the American dollar.

As the US dollar gets weaker the demand for precious metals becomes higher. Investors have always used gold and other precious metals as the best way to invest money against a weak dollar and inflation.

This strategy is still a popular one today, and this has helped to drive precious metal prices up substantially over the last few years.

While precious metals may not be the best choice in every single situation, for most investors this sector is ideal and will meet their investment strategies and goals without taking enormous risks.

This is why the demand for these metals has increased so much, and why people should continue to look for the best place to invest money as it is expected that the high demand will continue in the near future.

Precious Metals: A Safe Investment In Unstable Times